ROIDMI P1 Pro Handheld vacuum cleaner: best car vacuum cleaner to buy for 2022

In order to vacuum the car from time to time, always dragging the big vacuum cleaner to it first? With ROIDMI P1 Pro, it’s just piece of cake. ROIDMI P1 Pro is particularly striking. With its compact design, it is hardly larger than a Bluetooth box, also looks stylish and conveniently fits in almost any drink holder or glove compartment. In the car, the cordless vacuum cleaner is always on board and can be used at any time for quick vacuuming. But what good is the ROIDMI P1 Pro when it comes to suction power? How to use it in the car or other places?


Advantage: Compact design

Wide-angle LED

Good suction power

Roidmi P1 Pro


Check: Many little things let the ROIDMI P1 Pro shine

ROIDMI P1 Pro not only attracts attention with its modern design, but also with considerate detail. The small LED on the underside of the vacuum cleaner is particularly practical. It illuminates dark footwells and hidden corners while vacuuming. Especially in in the trunk, a little dirt tends to slip through the rags when vacuuming. The LED provides a clear view here, so that nothing is overlooked.

In order to check whether the cordless vacuum cleaner is also convincing for cleaning, a frequently used test vehicle has to be used for vacuuming. In addition, a fabric mat from the car is prepared with fine, light-colored sand. When it comes to vacuuming the car, the P1 Pro does a good job. It offers two power levels, although vacuuming on the first level doesn't get you very far - too much goes through the rags. Accordingly, the suction is continuously on the strongest level, 13000PA Strong Suction. You can get into many corners with the vacuum cleaner, only a few places have to be processed several times to completely remove the dirt. There are also a few brushes on the suction tube that catch pet hair and lint. The only drawback: the suction head should be a little narrower. In some narrow places, for example between the seat rail and the door, the vacuum cleaner reaches its limits. An additional attachment would be useful for very narrow areas. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about when vacuuming. ROIDMI also does good job to the dirty doormat, after a few pulls it is completely clean again.

Emptying is also very easy: simply open, remove the filter and empty over the trash can. The battery life is around 25 minutes at the highest level. If the battery is empty, the P1 Pro can be easily charged via the Type-C charging cable. The price for the ROIDMI P1 Pro is 69 dollars.



All in all, smart cleaner for your car and office! ROIDMI P1 Pro has the following features: Equipped with a lanyard that makes it possible to hang everywhere. Portable design, say goodbye to heavy. Car interiors, computer keyboards or chairs, pet hair, furniture, LED light illuminates dark corners, letting you spot dust and dirt everywhere. Of course, it cannot replace a "real" car vacuum cleaner, but it is the perfect helper to keep things tidy in between. It must be clearly understood that the capacity of the garbage container is small, and, as a result, this device is not designed for cleaning large areas.

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