ROIDMI EVA Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum: $799 Is it really worth it ?

In recent years, smart home products are in rising needs. But many times, the so-called "smart home" is not so smart, and often requires users to operate frequently. For this reason, merchants are constantly iterating and upgrading products while promoting the concept of freeing hands.


At present, there are two main robot vacuums on the market: self-collecting and sweeping robots and sweeping robots that automatically wash rags. Is there a machine that integrates both functions? ROIDMI EVA Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum, 3 in 1 vacuum sweep mop , it's here! You will not get dirty hands, and cleaning is more versatile. ROIDMI Eva indiegogo crowdfunding already started! Expected to ship on May.



How is its actual performance in the Real Situation Test?


What is the difference between the traditional and ROIDMI EVA?


Different from our traditional robot vacuum, ROIDMI EVA is equipped with a cleaning base station. This cleaning seat can hold two large-capacity water tanks. In addition to completing the charging operation on this cleaning seat, It can also operate mop cleaning and fast air drying, and the cleaning seat also supports one-key self-cleaning.


The cleaning base station is equipped with four touch buttons, and the corresponding use methods are clear at a glance, simple and intuitive, and even middle-aged and elderly people who do not know how to operate a mobile phone can easily learn to use it.


The water tank inside the cleaning base station is divided into a clean water tank (blue) and a sewage tank (black), both of which are designed with handles. You need to add clean water or tap water to the clean water tank. It is better to add some cleaning liquid yourself. The sewage tank is a container responsible for recycling the dirty water that has been washed with the mop. It also has a floating ball. When the sewage tank is full, it will be Send a reminder. With such a user-friendly design, there is no need to worry about the problem of full water! It can be easily lifted with one hand without any effort!


Roidmi EVA Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum is similar to ordinary robot vacuum in design, mainly in white. There are only three physical buttons on the fuselage. The power button can be started with one button for cleaning, and the Home button can return the robot to charging. The English logo of ROIDMI is printed on it, which is eye-catching and recognizable.


Roidmi EVA Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum is equipped with the latest Roidmi EVA new-generation super-sensing LDS lidar. Through the SLAM algorithm, it can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw a map. It can scan and restore the home layout map at the speed of light, and efficiently plan the cleaning route. to be clean in order, flexible obstacle avoidance.


Turn over the fuselage and let's take a look at the bottom structure. Roidmi EVA has a main brush lying in the middle of the machine. It is the main force during cleaning, and is mainly responsible for peeling off the dirt adsorbed on the ground. dirt. Unlike ordinary brushes that are easy to bend and miss dirt, the cleaning head has a floating design that fits closely with the floor.


Roidmi EVA robot has two power wheels with adjustable height, which can easily go over low obstacles such as edge bars, door sills, carpets, sliding door slots and other low obstacles up to 2cm on the floor, facing complex terrain, indoor Shuttle without hindrance. The front-end universal wheel has sensors. During the cleaning process, if there are problems such as winding, the machine can automatically adjust the operating mode to achieve self-rescue function.


The point is, the traditional robot vacuum just adds a thin textured cloth at the end of the machine. Due to the small friction and dirt holding capacity, the mopping only passes by one area, which can clean the floating dust on the ground, but for the dirt The stains that stick to the ground have little cleaning effect. When the stain capacity is saturated, it will even become more and more dirty.


Roidmi EVA has made a lot of progress in the mop. It uses a rotating electric mop module, which is fluffy and has a large friction and dirt holding capacity. When working, the mop not only rotates, but also exerts downward pressure, forming greater friction with the ground, thereby improving cleaning efficiency. The most important thing is that it can automatically clean the dirty mop during the mopping process, so as to avoid the situation that the stains become more and more dirty.


The following is a practical test to understand the cleaning ability of Roidmi EVA. First, use the Mijia App to start Roidmi EVA. After quickly building the home layout, the App will automatically check the room. By dividing, we can observe the situation of each room at a glance.


In order to show its cleaning ability more intuitively, I has set up a virtual wall in the App, and Roidmi EVA cleans in a fixed area. First of all, the tiles are smeared with ketchup and old clothes that often appear in life. Squeeze soy sauce (to simulate stains), let it air dry for a while to ensure that the stains are in a difficult state to clean, and then turn on Roidmi EVA to perform the mopping test.

Roidmi eva


When working, Roidmi EVA uses two circular mopping cloths that rotate oppositely at high speed to simulate the principle of manual mopping to apply downward pressure on the mopping cloth and forcefully peel off stubborn stains.


With 3200PA high suction and rolling brush design, 4-inch ultra-high-speed pressurized large mop, 180 rpm, perfectly covers the ground without leaking mop, 12N pressurized once, and it is immediately clean. Compare before and after cleaning, and touch the floor again with your hands. Although the ground that has just been mopped is still a little damp, the sticky feeling on the ground is immediately eliminated.

eva 02


After the work, Roidmi EVA successfully returned to the cleaning base station, automatically cleaned the seat to simulate manual hand washing, and used the “cleaning-drying” mode to cycle cleaning the rag to ensure the cleaning effect of the rag and prevent residues.


Not only that, it can automatically suck the dirt in the dust box of the sweeping robot into the disposable dust bag in the dust collecting and charging base. The design of the dust collector can be said to be very ingenious and practical, and the internal dust bag setting is very user-friendly. Using a carbon fiber filter layer, simply remove the dust bag from the automatic dust collection charging base and replace it with a new one.

eva 03


This means that the cleaning robot can be maintained once in a few weeks, which reduces the number of times users dump garbage, and further frees their hands. These consumables can be purchased in the official mall. It also supports three intelligent control methods, namely buttons, mobile APP and voice, which can be easily used by parents and children.

eva 04


The design of separate water tank for clean water and sewage, combined with soft air and quick-drying rags, can effectively avoid odor and bacterial growth. We can also perform DIY cleaning according to our own usage scenarios, and intuitively observe the loss of each consumable in the APP function, and truly realize the integration of sweeping, suction and mopping. I think this is a professional-level complete set of efficient floor cleaning solutions.

eva 05




Automatic cleaning of rags without manual intervention, a real rag to drag the whole family is an important selling point of sweeping and mopping robots. Self-cleaning, self-dust collection, and one-stop cleaning of base stations can be said to be the easiest user experience so far.


More importantly, it is equipped with the latest Roidmi EVA new-generation super-sensing LDS lidar. Through the SLAM algorithm, it can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw a map. It can scan and restore the residential layout map at the speed of light, and efficiently plan the cleaning route. To clean and orderly, flexible obstacle avoidance. Let Roidmi EVA work smoothly, which can help users easily clean their homes in one step, and save worry and effort in daily use.


Combined with its functions and user experience, if you have never used such products before, and you plan to start a sweeping, dragging and suction machine that truly liberates your hands, then Roidmi EVA may wish to consider it.

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