12 Places you forget to clean in Spring Cleaning

We're jumping straight into today's topic, which is places you're forgetting to clean even after spring cleaning if you've been cleaning along with me. But the first place, we're going to start is our dog bedding or cat bedding whatever kind of pets you have. 

If it's been a while since you've cleaned their area, it might be a tank, it might be a cage, it might be a bed whatever it is. It's probably time to go ahead and get it cleaned if you haven't done it in a while. This is just an area that I forget to clean,um dog smells and fur and pollen and all that just don't bother me. I will say I used to be good about buying dog beds that had a zipper so you could take the cover off and throw in the washer. But I felt like those never held up really well, like they would get messed up or shrink or tear.  So I've learned just to keep dog beds out and then throw a blanket on top of it. Because the blanket is so much easier to throw in the washer and the dryer and then just throw back on it so if you have a dog that may work for you as well. But I wanted to vacuum around dog beds or under them. All the good stuff so that area was nice and clean.Now I will say just cleaning that one area made my room smell and look so much better.

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But I feel like another area we all forget to clean is underneath the rugs.I feel like we're good cleaning around them, we're maybe good about cleaning on top of them .But when's  the last time you just rolled them back and cleaned underneath them. I will say this rug is even fairly new and you can just see all like the sand and dirt from underneath it that's lingering there. If you haven't done this in a while, roll that rug up as much as you can, you don't have to like move heavy furniture but just kind of push it up and vacuum underneath it. It's just gonna feel so much better and this is probably even really good if you have allergies. They are letting me test out the Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner. Cleaning is taking so much time to get all the things done. I thought my rugs are huge and honestly I feel like I'm a very clean person. But I was shocked once I started using this tool. I couldn't even put it away, this little toy comes with various accessories, the main brush is HL soft roller brush. The sensor LED light leaves no dust in the dark. Now I get my rug all vacuumed, it takes me forever to do by myself.I wanted to show you what the dust cup looked like just after cleaning the rug, it's not even like a ton of people walk back there and the water was already getting so dirty that's when I got hooked and I was like I cannot stop.  I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask what kind of floors you can use this, it's safe and effective for the use on hard floor and carpet floor.


I even pulled back the sides I couldn't get too deep underneath rug, but at least getting this area I was able to clean up a ton I will say I also did this in my living room. I didn't show it on camera I think we're all good about cleaning under like small rugs or rugs that don't have furniture on it but we completely forget to do the rugs that like our beds and sofas maybe even our dining room tables are on so do the best. You can to clean underneath those rugs today.

We're gonna head outside and I'm gonna say this one I am super guilty of never cleaning I lived in my house for over a year and I have not cleaned our mailbox and that's something I should probably be cleaning weekly just with the germs. So I just grabbed these disinfecting wipes, it's so easy to do. Next time you get your mail out of the mailbox. Just take a wipe with you and wipe it down, It's probably something I should even do every day,it's like I need to keep this bottle just next to my front door and I can take one walk out there wipe it down. Now a lot of you may be doing this more consistent than I am. I need to do better but that was the place I've been forgetting to clean now.


Before we head back inside, there's one other area that I wanted to work on which was like my front door handle. As you can see, I'm just as guilty of not cleaning this one, you can see all the dirt on it even my doorbell. I wiped off just areas like that are touched often and daily, they need to be wiped down like I said. You guys may do better at these, but it's just something that I was neglecting I was forgetting to do .So it feels so good to have those areas clean .


Now we're gonna head back inside, It's been a long time since I've taken the cushions off my sectional. It's just overwhelming to me because it's like a puzzle and I swear every cushion on this sectional is like a different size so if I take them all off, it's hard to put them back on. I'm just gonna take them off at like two at a time, I was shocked how much like dirt and crumbs and food was underneath my cushions ,I feel like we snack in here ,but we're normally at like the coffee table and the main areas were like the crack in between both cushions. If you guys haven't cleaned underneath your cushions, lately go check them out because I was disgusted, you can't tell me now if you have a sectional or sofa that comes apart easy and you know exactly how  to put it back. It's probably easier just to take all the cushions off at one time vacuum it all and then put them back but for me like I said. I don't feel like all these pillows like can go in several spots, they have like one location they can go to , so I don't want to get them messed up, that's why I'm just doing like two or three cushions at a time, also make a point when you're vacuuming ,your cushions I kept putting on like the um small attachment that's like really thin and narrow. So I could get in the cracks and like underneath um the back of it because there is a really deep um like pocket there. I kind of want to say so make sure you're getting that too, don't just vacuum the top you can see actually get like down in those deep areas. Now we can switch Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner to electric mattress brush, deeply clean the mites. Protect the cleaning home environment for you.

Now we're gonna finish up here and start talking about the next place we're forgetting to clean which is like the bottom of sofas or the armrests places dogs are laying or people are putting their hands. We can change this vacuum to crevice tool and multi-function brush. It makes home cleaning easier and better. And the thought of having to like match up all the covers with the cushions scares me a little bit so when I saw this guy, I knew I had to have it ,it is so easy to use. I'm trying to show you up close shots so you can check it out but if you have sofas or sectionals you could use this to spot clean your rug it's just so nice. Once again that it has that really wide nozzle and then it also comes with a really tiny nozzle, and it's like super narrow so that you can get hard to reach places these machines are amazing ,they always pick up so much more than you could ever imagine. You can see I'm just hitting all those spots that like George leans against or Tyger pay attention to like arm rests where you would like put your hands those are always the dirtiest spots and I feel like we never clean them and so keep that in mind if you've been looking for a product like this. I couldn't help myself and I decided to go ahead and clean the whole sectional I know the tops were  probably good at cleaning but I was getting like all the bottom and the edges where my dogs lay, because those are always the darkest areas I think like they get dirt on it and I was right there. So I went ahead and cleaned like the cushions and the back pillows and you can see right here. It looks brand new, I love vacuum lines so if you love those ,you're gonna love this machine. Because it left the most beautiful lines on my cushions and it felt clean it looked clean and it even smelled clean. 


The other thing I wanted to touch on it's kind of under the same umbrella is remember your other furniture and bedroom so this is just like my sectional, the very bottom of my bed was really dirty from George leaning against it, so I'm going to kind of focus on the whole bed but I'm really paying more attention to the bottom area just to make sure that area was clean. So when you own white furniture, it doesn't get dirtier faster, you just see the dirt faster. All of our furniture is getting dirty, the reason I like white is because I know immediately when it's getting dirty and I can get it clean and with machines like this it makes it so easy. Because it is amazing and it got my furniture so clean.


We're moving right along and the next place we're forgetting to clean is behind our toilets and my mother would be so mad at me. I was raised to always clean behind the toilet every time, I cleaned the bathroom, it was one of my chores. I remember her always saying it, I always had to vacuum our stairs as well but ever since I've moved out, I've never owned stairs so I don't have to do that anymore. but I do need to get better about cleaning behind the toilet. I will say it's typically super easy because it's just dust or it is in my house, I don't have any little boys here.it may be different for you but just take a rag and clean behind it ,it does not take long at all .It's more the awkwardness of getting down there, so maybe if you have a duster on like a pole or  a broom or something like that it may be a little easier but I will say mine were pretty darn dusty. So we have three bathrooms in our house, um so that's why you're gonna see me clean this over and over. It's not the same toilet, there's actually three of them. But also keep in mind while you're cleaning behind the toilets .Clean your baseboards as well even the wall, sometimes all of that gets really dirty, so you already have your cloth out go ahead and wipe all of that down so it's all nice and clean, just a quick little tip do this with a dry cloth you don't want to add anything wet to dust. If you want to dust it and then go back and use a product you can but you're just gonna make a mess if you use something wet also don't do this right after the shower. My daughter had just taken one and so it was real wet and moist in the air, so all the dust was wet and it made  it a lot harder .So definitely don't do this after you shower and do it with a dry cloth.


Next up we're talking about trash cans when's the last time you've cleaned your trash can and I will say all of these typically always have a liner in them and they still get dirty so this is a really good time of year to clean them. It's not too cold or hot outside. I'm just spraying some cleaner in them and then I'm going to take my water hose and just fill them up so that bottom layer can soak really well, also have it on like the power wash setting of the jet setting just so anything that's loose that water can kind of clean it itself and then once .It's soaked it's going to be softened and sprayed again and that's really going to get them clean.Now you could take like an old towel or paper towels and dry these out. But it was such a sunny day I knew they would dry out quickly on their own. So I'm just going to leave them out here in the sun and I'll come get them a little later. 


I'm just going  to grab like a cleaning cloth, I'm going to get it damp because the places we're forgetting to clean are our plants and I don't mean our faux plants. I'm really good about cleaning all my fake plants. I didn't really realize I was supposed to be cleaning my real plants until I went to water it and I noticed how dusty they were getting in my head, I just didn't think real plants would  get dusty but the deeper down in the pot, they get it was super dusty, so you're gonna have to be super gentle and just get a damp cloth and don't like pull on them but just kind of slide against it and you can see how much greener they are once I wipe them off with the cloth.so I'm curious how many of you are cleaning your real plants or not let me know down below either way say yes I clean my real plants or no  I never thought to do it. Because it is something that like never crossed my mind.

Moving on to the next area and that is my thermostat. I don't feel like I ever really touch this thermostat and clearly I am because there's makeup all over it. and I'm the only one in the house that wears foundation. But I honestly don't feel like I touch this all so much and I'm really good about cleaning my hands after putting my makeup on.so I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm going to just take a disinfectant wipe and get that nice and clean .Keep in mind like your garage door opener out in your garage, those can get really dirty and even your handle coming in from the garage so check both of those places as well.


That one was a quick one, so the next area we're going to talk about are your faucets, so this can be your sink, your showers, your tubs either way. You're probably not cleaning them ,I clean my shower all the time. I clean my sinks all the time,we clean our tubs, I always forget to clean like underneath the faucet. I'm not doing anything special here other than like I have a scrub brush and I'm just scrubbing. It's not so bad that it needs a product if you need to grab a product go for it spray it.  Let it soak um but mine weren't that bad but they did need it, You can see I have like a small little bowl in my hand I like to just keep that with my cleaning supplies basically anything that I'm loosening up that's not coming off I like to just get that bowl like full with a little bit of water and then I'm putting the faucet in it so it just like rinses it. But basically I'm just like dipping it in there so it gets all the excess off. I know someone's probably gonna mention you could just use like a toothbrush for this. But I will say these brushes are a lot stronger so if you have a lot of build up on there. I think that's why I'm not needing product it's really strong, but it's not scratching anything so if you want to use like a product and like an old toothbrush you can. But if you're just wanting like something really strong, I love this for like a grout and all different places and it just works really well. Let's go out and dance the night away, baby I am going crazy so I went outside and grabbed those trash cans , the black one was still a little damp so I left  it outside. But I'm gonna go ahead and just put the trash cans back where they belong and then I'm gonna head into my laundry room, so I can get the dog bedding that we started in the very beginning of this video.


But then I do have one more place you're forgetting to clean and it involves our cell phones and not the outside.so as you can see everything's looking clean but to me it already looked clean, but the level of feeling clean was intense, the smell was amazing. But let's talk about phones real quickly, I wanted to share just a few tips with this just in case you were needing help, but you can click on your safari app down below and it's running a lot of websites that you've been visiting. So just go ahead and clear those out it's going to help the space on your phone and even the battery another huge thing for your battery as well are all your apps that are still running. So if you start to swipe up on all those different things that are loading, it's really going to help your phone out and then the next thing you should do often is turn your phone off and then  back on anytime you're having a problem. With your phone if it's not doing something immediately, turn it off and turn it back on, and nine times out of ten it's gonna fix it.

Roidmi S2 is my great move to handle home cleaning.I love my clean state, I hope you get one and love it too!


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