What would life be like with Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner?

I often use it to clean my home especially such as the corners behind the door, window sills and other places that are not easy to mop, and it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Secondly, I will also use Roidmi S2 to clean the car's floor mats. There are a lot of sands and muds in the car after a long time using, and I can't pick it up by hand. It costs extra money to go to the car wash, so it is an alternative way to clean it myself.

The package of Roidmi S2 is divided into two parts, one is the vacuum cleaner and accessories, and the other is the mopping head. Take a look at all the components, including the main unit of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuuming brush, the mopping brush, the long flat brush, the wide flat suction, the extension hose, the electric mite removal brush, the wall suction charging box, the adapter, the cleaning brush, and the HEPA filter element., High-capacity ash filter. The accessories are relatively rich, and the brush head can meet most of the needs of use. The combination of soft velvet and carbon fiber brush is easier to cope with floors and carpet cleaning. It is easier to deal with hair entanglement, and it is not easy to stick to water stains.

Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner



Mopping test the new S2 vacuum cleaner , upgraded the new mopping components, support dry mopping, floor maintenance, small area water stain cleaning, the water tank capacity is 240ML, and the cleaning area can be 150 square meters in high-end mode; S2 battery life is longer than S1 battery life, Standard use 60 minutes, medium use 40 minutes, strong mode 10 minutes, the suction power is 130W; S2 is equipped with electric mattress brush and pet brush, a wide flat suction is added, or you can buy another hose for more thorough cleaning; the cleaning ability of the sole wiper is definitely better than the previous one The effect of the rear mopping module is much better. The original suction mopping is upgraded to suction mopping, and passive cleaning is upgraded to active cleaning. Originally, if there are water stains on the ground, you need to press down the mop to apply pressure, and then drag it back and forth to wipe it clean. The maximum suction power of the S2's wiping head is 130W, so the user basically does not need to work hard.


There is a water seepage adjustment button on the left side of the brush head. There are three gears to choose from—low gear, high grade, and dry mopping. There will be an indicator light when working. If the weather is hot, it is recommended to 2 gears, which dries quickly, and the first gear in autumn and winter. Enough, dry mopping is suitable for waxing and curing the floor.


The water addition area is at the top, with a splash design, and the small detail is considerable.

The advantage of the integrated suction and wiper is that it can deal with complex scenes with dust and stains on the ground. Only suction without wiping or only wiping without suction will expand the pollution area. When using S2 to clean the ground with soy sauce, rice grains and red beans, it can be found that the particles are basically sucked clean in one time, and the oil stains on the ground have disappeared after dragging twice. It is indeed more convenient to solve several problems at one time. The mopping module also retains the front lighting, and it is easier to see whether there is dust in front of the dark sofa or under the TV cabinet.


Daily cleaning

In addition to the conventional mopping and vacuuming modes, the replaceable suction head is also an important criterion for considering the practicality of the vacuum cleaner. The S2 is equipped with a mite removal brush, a flat head suction and an ultra-long flat suction, which are quite practical. In the actual experience, the mite removal brush can completely replace the 200-500 mite removal instruments on the market, and even the use effect is better. The blankets, beds, and sofas commonly used by families in winter are the easiest places to hide dirt and dirt. Wash them regularly. It is also basically impossible, and they can be cleaned well with a mite removal brush.


Here, I took out the blanket on the bed and tried the cleaning effect. It took about 5 minutes to use the brush for removing mites. It sucked up a lot of dust and dander. It is hard to imagine that there are so many dirty things in contact with my skin. Daily mite removal is really good. It's not difficult to fall down. The S2 with 3-speed suction can effectively remove the dirt that can't be seen by the naked eye. It seems that it is far from enough to dry the quilt in good weather~~


The wide flat brush is especially suitable for cleaning the dust on the balcony. Usually, my balcony is often drying shoes and so on. At the corner of the gap, the black lump looks very uncomfortable. I use a vacuum cleaner to wash it directly, and use the brush on the head to raise the dust, and the cleaning effect is not bad. The ultra-long flat suction is especially suitable for cleaning the blankets in the car. It is very convenient to absorb the sand and mud, so I will not display the test here~~

Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner another  brush



As the latest flagship model of Roidmi, the main functions of Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner are the brandnew HL soft roller brush, enhanced the maximum suction power, and it makes home cleaning more easier and better. In addition, the overall battery life has been further increased to 60 minutes, and other factors such as weight, charging time, and dust box volume are maintained. Unchanged, taking into account lightness and battery life. Compared with other Roidmi vacuum cleaners, the price is relatively cheap. If you have considered buying a vacuum cleaner, an electric mop, and a mite removal device, then this Roidmi S2 vacuum cleaner can fully meet your above needs! It should be noted that in terms of accessories, the S2 is slightly different. Some accessories such as new HL soft roller brush are need to be purchased separately.



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