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 Material  HEPA non-woven fabric
Package dimensions  50*24*92mm
Quantity  2 pcs
Color White

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leslie Barreiro
Needs spp refinement

Love this back mop for the last two years. But suddenly it wouldn’t charge. Kept telling me the dust box Needed to be reinstalled. I have installed a new filter and it still is telling me that. I have ordered a new battery and hope that that’s what it is.

Great customer service

Thank you so much I received it , very helpful

Bhans Nitemare
Nothing compares to a good HEPA filter

The Roidmi EVA is a wonderful cleanliness OCD control tool. The HEPA filter provides a level of filtration beyond compare, according all marketing departments and air filtration device manufacturers, so the decision to include the venerable HEPA Filter in the EVA design process was sheer brilliance. I can see the incredible amount of dust build-up, that most assuredly proves the validity of the HEPA Filter marketing claims, with periodic inspection of the HEPA Filter capsule contained in the Roidmi EVA. Frequent and proper cleaning of the EVA HEPA filter is necessary to keep the device working in optimal performance for many years to come. Clean and replace your EVA HEPA filters regularly.

Ralf Ott
Everything fine

These filters i bought separatedly are for future replacement of the filters EVA is equipped with. They do their job very well.

Regards..........Ralf Ott.