In an industry of constant innovations, can ROIDMI EVA set a higher bar for robot vacuums?

In a competitive market dominated by iRobot and Roborock, can ROIDMI EVA, the flagship robot vacuum of ROIDMI, start an era of “hardcore cleaning” with its innovative features? Each upgrade is one step closer to “freeing your hands” and a cleaner and healthier living environment. ROIDMI recently launched ROIDMI EVA, the world’s first self-emptying robot vacuum and mop that automatically cleans the mopping pads, marking another industry innovation after ROIDMI EVE Plus.


ROIDMI EVA cleans better and deeper than the mainstream cleaning appliances in the market. With the release of it, people no longer only think of iRobot and Roborock when they talk about robot vacuums. With the outstanding performance of EVE plus and the recently launched EVA, ROIDMI has become the first to cross young people’s minds as an “innovation professional”brand when they have to deal with household cleaning tasks.

Most people are familiar with the robot vacuum. It’s currently one of the most common smart appliances in many families. Planning the path, evading obstacles, and picking up waste, the robot vacuum has become an essential household help. Like many other tech products, it has a long history. Each generation was one step closer to “truly automatic”.

And now, ROIDMI has made more innovations and launched the world’s first self-emptying robot vacuum that can wash the mop: ROIDMI EVA. On top of the dirt disposal feature of ROIDMI EVE Plus, it makes a revolutionary advancement in the mopping module. It’s a 5-in-1 versatile robot vacuum that can wash the mopping pads, dry the mopping pads, dispose of the dirt, sterilize bacteria and mold, and vacuum and mop. ROIDMI EVA is known as a full-featured household cleaning appliance.

Auto mop washing and drying: During the cleaning process of ROIDMI EVA, the robot returns to base every once in a while to wash the dirty mopping pads. The base has two 4-liter tanks: one for water and the other for waste. The mopping pads are dampened with clean water from the water tank, motorized to spin at high speed, and rubbed against the tray below to squeeze out dirty water which goes to the waste tank. The robot then picks up where it left off. The user doesn’t need to detach and wash the mopping pad by hand. To prevent molding of the damp mopping pads, the base of ROIDMI EVA provides turbo wind to dry them after whole-home cleaning.

Auto dirt disposal: The auto dirt disposal feature of ROIDMI EVE Plus continues in ROIDMI EVA. Waste in the dust tray of the robot will be automatically sucked into the enclosed 3L anti-bacterial dust bag. The large capacity makes it possible to take out the trash once every 60 days.

Vacuum and mop, anti-bacterial and mold: ROIDMI EVA can vacuum and mop at the same time, or only vacuum or mop at a time. As for sweeping, ROIDMI EVA has 4 suction settings, the highest of which is 3,200Pa. When it mops, the two 4-inch W-shaped HL anti-bacterial pads at the back bottom rotate at 180rpm and scrub the floor with a 12N force downwards to imitate hand mopping. The anti-mold mopping pads are another benefit for household health.

ROIDMI was the first to make it technologically possible for robot vacuums to wash the mop. ROIDMI EVA was therefore the world’s first robot vacuum that could automatically clean the mopping pads. ROIDMI, like iRobot and Roborock, has helped drive industrial progress with innovation. It is also due to its innovation capacity that ROIDMI EVA has crowdfunded nearly $1 million on Indiegogo, reaching an exciting achievement that exceeded the expectation.


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